Cairo. The Zabaleen, christian copts, live of the garbage that the sprawling city creates. Living in horrid conditions they recycle 80% of all the garbage that they bring back. Walking amongst the streets of these garbage towns, jumping over litter the children play as if this was how it is. Literally mountains of garbage are to be seen, in all this the people have found a way to make a living. All waste is sorted by the different groups working the streets. some only pick upp plastic and metal other household waste, all this is brought back to the home and then sorted and sold to the wholesalers in the neighborhood. they sell it to others that process the resource into a sellable commodity, as with hard plastic that is shredded and then pressed into small pellets that they later sell to the industries of Cairo. The future of the Zabaleen remains in peril as the local government of Cairo has decided to ban the zabaleen from their living and given the garbage collecting contracts to several major European firms. The firms keep the contracts even though the trucks that they have brought in from Europe are to big for the small alleys of cairo, and only manage to recycle 18% of what they bring in. Cario 2008